Naxos Apeiranthos Museums


Archaeological museum: This is a small museum on the main pedestrian street of the village. It was created by the archaeological collection of Michalis Bardanis. It houses findings from excavations carried out in the area, such as ceramics, figurines, amphorae, jars, compasses, a few sculptures, tools, etc.

Tel.: +30 22850 61725

Folklore museum: It first operated in 1966, stopped its operation during the Junta regime and opened again after 1987 with the initiative of Manolis Glezos. The exhibits are donations of the villagers (furniture, tools, utensils, textiles, looms, customs, etc.). It is located in Platsa.

Tel.: +30 22850 61629

Natural History Museum: It includes skeletons of striped dolphin and bottlenose dolphin, bones and skull of a sperm whale, shells, fish and reptiles, photos and information on the marine world.

Tel.: +30 22850 61622

Geological Museum: It was founded in 1966 by Manolis Glezos, honorary doctor in geology, closed in 1967 and opened again ten years later. It exhibits 2000 samples of mineral rocks, ores and paleontological findings from Naxos, other islands and different places of the world. In a special room there is important evidence on the history of emery mines in Naxos. There is a rich collection of marbles from all over Greece, especially the area of Aperanthos, and a library with books of geology and maps.

Tel.: +30 22850 61725

Museum of Fine Arts. It is housed in the Cultural Centre of the village. You can see works of sculptors, painters, potters from Apeiranthos and artists from all over Greece.

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