Naxos By Boat

Naxos - By Boat

The excellent natural terrain has endowed the island with endless beaches to the west and numerous small and larger bays alternating with quiet beaches and rugged, harbourless coasts.

Naxos port. It is 1-4m deep, with two interior docks and about 50 places for boats. At every spot there is protection from the etesians, but not from the north and northwestern winds. Depending on the conditions, there may be seiche. Beware of the current when you approach from the south. In the port, among others, there is water supply, a machine shop, two shipyards and “glistra” (slides) with a lifting mechanism.

Other anchorages. The southernmost western coasts, and much more the eastern coasts, lack in access points and safe anchoring. The creation of the fishing harbor/marina in Kalanto bay solved the problem of those who approach Naxos from south directions or face bad weather conditions. The bay has a south/southeastern orientation and the marina is located in the cove with sufficient physical protection from southern winds and absolute protection from the etesians and other weather conditions. Apollonas bay is oriented to the north and as good as it is protected from the southern winds, it is well exposed to the northern winds. There is a small dock, about 10m long that can serve few small vessels. Moutsouna, in the middle of the eastern coasts, is a good anchorage in western/ northwestern winds. There you can see the loading facilities for the emery that was transported in skytrain wagons from the mines. Its pier is appropriate for mooring. Prokopis, the homonymous cape has a sandy bottom and good protection from the etesians.

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