Naxos Chalki (Chalkeion)

Chalki is located at the heart of Tragaia and it is surrounded by many important Byzantine monuments implying the high importance of the area as intellectual and administrative centre in the Byzantine era. It is an elegant settlement with neoclassical houses in the centre of one of the most fertile plains of Naxos. This was once the shopping centre of the mountainous Naxos and the ground floor of every house was a store. The village was thriving, rich and populous. In recent years, after a period of decline, it is growing again. Young people have settled here and there are several new stores to service the visitors.

To wander in Chalki, start from the pedestrian street opposite the church of Panagia Protothroni and descend to the small square with the tavern. Behind Protothroni you will see the battlements of Barozzi-Grazia tower built at the beginning of the 17th century by the Barozzi family. The tower has three floors, rail windows, a murder hole, coats of arms and fortifications and its history abounds in legends and traditions.


– There are cafes, a restaurant, a gallery and Vallindras distillery, where you can taste citron extracted from citron leaves.

– Chalki is also known for the textiles made by local women.

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