Naxos Galini

It is amphitheatrically built on the west side of Eggares valley and remains lively all year long as there are several young people residing in the village. It has a traditional café, tavern and hotel. An extensive area in front of the village is covered by a valley with orchards and crops which are protected from wind thanks to traditional reed windbreaks. There is a road starting from Galini and ending to Amitis beach. In about a hundred meters away from the village you reach the church of Panagia Attaleiotissa and in 500m on the left there is the tower of Ypsili or monastery of Ypsilotera, which is open to visitors. This used to be a fortified monastery, from which the katholikon, the impressive fortifications, towers, murder holes etc. are still preserved. It belonged to Kokkos family (there is an inscription “Iakovos Kokkos 1600”). The monastery was a revolution centre at the time of Naxos people uprisings against the oppression of Latin nobles.

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