Naxos Koronos


Koronos is 30km away from Chora of Naxos. The largest part of the settlement is built opposite a green ravine and neighborhoods are connected by a bridge. It is one of the oldest and largest mountainous villages of the island and its economy was based for many years on the mining of emery. Nowadays, residents are occupied with livestock farming, agriculture and viticulture.

The traditional architecture of Koronos houses and the nature around the village compose a picture that brings to mind other areas of Greece, such as Pilio, and not a typical Cycladic landscape.

You may stroll in the alleys with the stone terraces, the stairs, the “stiastia” and the arches. Koronos is divided in neighborhoods. At the centre there is “Platsa” with vines, cafes and the large well. The most beautiful part is the neighborhood of Anegyrida, which is built on the hillside, around a huge rock.


– In Koronos there is a folklore museum.

– On the way to Agia Marina you can find cafes and taverns, as well as on the village bridge.

– Slightly outside Koronos there is an asphalt road that reaches the beach of Lyonas passing by the main emery mining areas.

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