Naxos Moni

It has been built in a verdant ridge on Mount Fanari. It is surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and orchards. Stone prevails in the village’s houses and stone workers of Moni were renowned. It is worth visiting “Platsa”, the small central square, two old mills and the ruins of a Venetian castle in the eastern part of the settlement. Also, the spring of Moni and the well. Near the village there is the early Christian church of Panagia Drosoni with remarkable frescoes. Near the town there stands the tower of Agia, which dates back to the 17th century and belonged to Kokkos family.


– The Women’s Association of Moni produces handmade textiles.

– There is a wood carving workshop just outside the village on the road to Halki.

– The locals are involved in cheese production and viticulture. Make sure that you taste the local cheese varieties, wine and raki.

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