Naxos Museums in Chora of Naxos


ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM. It is housed in one of the most important buildings of the castle, the old Jesuit school. It is five-storey and houses the museum since 1973. It exhibits artwork and utensils found in the excavations that have been constantly carried out on the island since World War II, and they date back from the Neolithic to the old Christian years (5300 B.C. – 5th century A.D.). Of great importance are the exhibits of the early Cycladic period (3200-2300 B.C.), such as marble figurines and pottery collections of the Mycenean and Geometric period.

The terrace at the back side of the museum is of exceptional beauty. It is surrounded by the walls of the old French Commercial School, which Nikos Kazantzakis attended as well in 1897-1898. At the centre there is an ancient mosaic. Ancient findings and sculptures are also exhibited.


Open 08:30-15:00, except Monday, tel. +30 22850 22725.

VENETIAN MUSEUM. It used to be the garrison headquarters during the Venetian rule and the Consulate of Venice during the Turkish occupation. Since 1704 it belongs to Della Rocca-Barozzi family. The founder of the museum, Mr. Nikos Karavias, exhibits the family collections, which include objects from 1207 to date. Apart from the utensils of various eras, there are also weapons, costumes and paintings. In the basement you will see ancient architectural parts of the citadel of Naxos.

Since 1999 the Venetian museum organizes the Domus Festival with a number of mainly music events that last from April to October. In the rest rooms, they organize exhibitions and other events.


Tel.: +30 22850 22837

BYZANTINE COLLECTION. Krispi Palace was the residence of the family dukes. It stands above Trani Porta, to the north of the castle. It is also called Tower of Apeirathitissa and Glezos.

It is the only surviving out of the old ramparts and therefore a valuable source of information for the defense of the castle. It first belonged to Krispi family, then passed to Fragkopoulos, Barozzi and finally to P. Glezos.

The building is perfectly restored and in a large room it hosts an interesting exhibition of middle Byzantine sculptures from Naxos and Cyclades covering the years from the 7th to the 12th century. It involves marble reliefs, architectural parts, information on the Byzantine museums of Naxos and other islands.


Tel.: +30 210 3218075

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