Naxos Panagia Filotitissa

In 1690, on the celebration day of Agios Georgios, a farmer from Filoti saved some Turkish sailors washed ashore and a child that he kept home for a long time, until the parents found it. Years later the farmer called Psaras argued with the lord Barozzi on a property and went to court. The judge turned out to be the little Turkish child, who vindicated, of course, his savior. Thus, Psarras built in that disputable property the chuch of Kimisis tis Theotokou (Assumption of the Virgin Mary), Panagia Filotitissa. The church opened in 1715 and Filoti residents put on the belfry wall the picture of Psarras carved on marble to remember him by. The temple is imposing and features an elaborate marble iconostasis.

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