Naxos Potamia

It consists of four districts: Ano Potamia, Mesaia Potamia, Kato Potamia and Lierado. People are involved with agriculture and livestock farming and produce oil, citrus fruits and dairy products.

Potamia is found in the heart of a valley with a very brisk atmosphere, where there are old watermills and churches and the impressive Kokkos tower (which once belonged to the Barozzi family). On the lintel there is an inscription that says: The memory of death promotes life 1686. Below Ano Potamia lies the restored watermill of Gryllakis that is open to visitors. In Potamia you can also visit the impressive Panagia Theoskepasti (or Agios Mamas), a Byzantine church of the 10th century with interesting architecture.

The village flourished when Naxos was occupied by the Francs, who dominated the entire Potamia valley under the protection of the Dukes of Naxos.


You can take the trails after Potamia to reach the impressive Apano Kastro.

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