Naxos The tomb of ancestors


Its official name is Epitopio museum of Mitropoleos square and it is located on the north side of Naxos town. The most important part of the archaeological site is under the square and consists of the remains of a significant tomb. Naxos people used to bury here the dead since the 10th century B.C. The 8th century B.C. a central yard was created and around 800 B.C. the ruins of the city and the cemetery were covered with plinths thus creating a tomb. The Naxians continued leaving offers there for another 800 years and in the late Roman period private residences covered the area and protected the ancient tomb.

Today you will see except for the tomb, circular altars made of sand slabs, broken pieces of pottery, jars, offerings altars, a rare Mycenean pottery workshop, remains of burial clothes and a moraine, a pile of stones which people threw behind them every time they left the cemetery.


The archaeological site is open to visitors at 08:30-15:00, every day except Monday.

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