Naxos Water sports

Parthenos beach. Naxos island. Cyclades. Greece. Europe. George Detsis. 07/2007.

KITE SURFING.Over the last years, Naxos has become a very popular destination for kite surfers. The beaches of the northwest coast and the summer etesians create the most favorable conditions.

Mikri Vigla is the mostly preferred beach for kite surfing, ideal for both beginners and experienced surfers. The wind is smooth and favors jumps and nice flights above the eastern coasts of Naxos. There are lifeguards, security services and rescue boats.

SURFING – WIND SURFING. On the northwestern coast there are many beaches ideal for windsurfing. One of them is Laguna, Mikri Vigla and its part continuing to Chora is the beach of Ai Giorgis. Kleftonisia reefs and Manto islet in front of the sandy beaches create a kind of lake that is ideal for surfing.

DIVING. Around the island there are unique underwater ecosystems with tremendous sea bottom changes: reefs and lively shoals, seagrass meadows, boulders and single stones, vertical walls full of fan worms, gorgonians and corals – a huge underwater puzzle of colors and images that remain unforgettable. For those who love wreck diving, there are sunken ships and planes very close to the island, creating an evocative backdrop.

There are diving centres on the island.

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