Paros Archaeological Museum

Paros - Archaeological Museum

In 1960 a large room was built attached to the junior high school of Parikia in order to house the antiquities which were kept in the cells of Katapoliani up to that time. In late 1960s the second room was built and in 1995 the construction of the museum’s extension began. Today it consists of three rooms, a gallery and an interior courtyard and it hosts findings of the excavations in Paros from the Pre-historic to the Roman years.

In the first room and the gallery there is the collection of the sculptures, through which the evolution of sculpture on the island is presented. The Archaic statue of Gorgo stands out, who according to the myth petrifies whoever dares to look at her in the face. She is standing with the wings closed, while her head combines human-like features with boar teeth and bulging eyes.

Other exhibits are the marble relief plaques from the Heroon of Archilochos, the Kore statue from Dilio, a relief tombstone and the marble statue of Nike, a work of a top Parian sculptor.

In the second room there are the most important findings from the excavations in Despotiko. In the third room the visitor will admire the prehistoric findings from Paros, Antiparos, and Saliagos, findings from Dilio, statues, reliefs, objects from the ancient cemetery and inscriptions.

An important exhibit is the famous Parian Chronicle, a chronological table with references to persons, events and natural phenomena in 134 lyrics, from 1582 up to 263 BC. It is the first “book of recorded history” with immeasurable archaeological value. Here you will even see the “lady of Saliagos”, the headless figurine of a female figure sitting cross-legged, carved in white, Parian marble, from the Early-Cycladic era, 2500-3000 years BC. On the islet of Saliagos, among Paros and Antiparos, another workshop was found and many of the objects that were produced there: Arrowheads, stone tools, bone utensils, jewelry and clay vessels.


The Archaeological Museum is located right behind Panagia Ekatontapyliani, very close to the heroine of 1821, Manto Mavrogenous. Open daily except for Mondays, 08:00-15:00.

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