Paros Dilio

The view to Parikia bay is grandiose, but the archaeological site took its name because it “watches” (among the crack that is created by two lower facing hillocks) the most sacred island of the antiquity, Delos. It is located on a hill which is called Vigla by the locals. A sanctuary in honour of Apollo Delius was founded on the hill in the 9th century, probably at the place of a pre-historic sanctuary. Inside the surrounding wall there was a rock-altar for the god’s worship. In 1899 during the excavations of Rubensohn, a small Dorian temple was discovered, dedicated to Apollo and Artemis, which was built in early 5th century BC. Fragments of a colossal statue of Artemis were found during the excavations and a Kore statue dating back to circa 360 BC, which is exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Paros.

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