Paros Naousa

The small castle of Naousa (Kasteli) had a great significance because it used to supervise the homonymous gulf. It was built in the 15th century by Sommaripa. It consists of jetties, visible under the sea surface, which were used as breakwaters, and a wall that leads to a circular tower, built on a shoal. The bastion that is still preserved today has eight openings (seven of them are cannon holes and the eighth one is the gate) and it is constructed mainly of schists and irregular rocks. The little port of Naousa with the fishing boats offers some of the most beautiful images of Paros thought the day. The old warehouses of the fishermen nowadays house restaurants, cafés and bars, without that altering the nature of the settlement. The walk towards the interior of Naousa is exhilarating as well, with the white-washed alleys and the houses with the characteristic insular architecture. Info In the settlement there are Music and Dance Associations. “Koursariki”- pirate night is organized in the summer (August 23).

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