Paros Parikia

Paros - Parikia

On the hill of Parikia, where there were once ancient temples and public buildings, the Venetians built their first castle in 1260. The architectural parts of the ancient temples constituted the building material of the Venetian castle. When the Venetians left, the people of the area settled inside the castle walls for higher protection against hostile raids.

Capital of the island, inhabited uninterruptedly for millenniums, located in an ideal position in relation to the winds that prevail in the area, Parikia is very impressive.

The church of Agios Konstantinos rises at the highest point of the castle’s district and the sunset from that point is one of the most beautiful sunsets in Paros. Walking by you will see many beautiful chapels attached to the castle which date from the 13th to the 18th century. Around the castle and the church of Agios Konstantinos, marble-paved alleys descent towards the port, passing through the road of Agora (Lohagou Fokianou), the commercial centre of Paros and one of the most beautiful roads in the Cyclades. The second large axis of the town is Gravaris Street, which connects the castle to Ekatontapyliani and it is adorned by neoclassical mansions, with Venetian escutcheons and marble lintels.

In Parikia, which is the epicenter of the island and the bustling centre of its nightlife every summer, there are lodgments, restaurants and taverns, cafés, bars, and commercial shops of all kinds.

You will certainly visit the great pilgrimage of Ekatontapyliani. In addition, the Archaeological Museum, the ancient cemetery, Asclepion, Pythio, Dilio and the early-Christian basilica.


-Parikia was called that way from the “pariki” (the farmers who lived “outside the walls”) of Ekatontapyliani monastery who settled in the old town little by little.

– It is worth mentioning that in the castle there are parts from five temples –three from the Archaic and two from the Classical era – fitted in the walls. Only one small section of Athena’s Archaic temple (6th century BC) is saved at the top of the hill.

– The church of Agios Konstantinos of exquisite architecture stands out with a roofed forecourt, amazing view to the bay of Parikia and a beautiful sunset.

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