Patmos The Nikolaidi mansion

The impressive two-storey building on the northeast part of Chora of Patmos was erected in 1705-1796 and maintains the characteristic architectural elements of Patmos along with some gothic ones. On the ground floor there were the ovens, the spaces where food was stored, the cisterns and the chapel, while on the first floor there were the bedrooms called “ipnos” (sleep), the hall or nontas and the upper courtyards. A quite impressive element is the ampataros, the wooden object (similar to a curtain) with the elaborate decoration that was used as a partition between nontas and ipnos and at the same time as a storage space.

The house, which suffered damages during the earthquake of 1956, was donated by its owners to the State in 1959 and after restoration works, it was exemplarily organized by the Archeological Services to serve as a museum. The exhibition invites the residents and visitors of the island to become acquainted with mansions and the lifestyle of the people who used to live here, and also to become aware of the island’s history from the prehistoric period up to the recent years, through archeological findings and information material. The total character of this building is revealed through a number of activities organized, relating to the archeological and historical past of the place, as well as to the modern cultural life of Patmos.


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