Rhodes By Boat

Mandraki is a port of entry to Greece. You have to inform the Hellenic Coast Guard on channel 12 if you are coming from Turkey. Mandraki is the only port for yachts on Rhodes. It is a good anchorage, but there is always a lot of traffic. The marina is easily approached, but be careful because there are shallow waters and reefs to the north of the port entrance. Furthermore, when south winds blow, there is high tide at the port entrance. Sometimes you may have to moor to a second row, but beware of the anchors that are left behind at the bottom of the sea. You may also drop anchor on the outside, on the east (E) side of the dock, if there are no available places at the marina. Fuel, electricity and water can be found at the dock. There are also toilets, showers, supermarkets, banks, a hospital, plenty of shops with maritime products and dockyards for repairs. Yachts are not allowed in the commercial port southeast (SE) of Mandraki.

Depth: 4-8m.

Spaces: 120

Other anchorages.

LINDOS BAY: It is protected from southwest to north winds and it is a good anchorage.

AGIOS PAVLOS (SAINT PAUL’S) COVE: It is very small and not very deep and it is said that the Apostle Paul landed here in 43 AD in order to teach Christianity. It is protected from all weather conditions and it is a good anchorage for small boats.

VORINO, FALIRAKI: It is the small, all-weather protected port for all local boats.

PRASONISI (South Rhodes): It has two anchorages separated by the famous exotic strip of sand. The southern anchorage is to be preferred when meltemi (etesian) winds are blowing while the northern one is better protected from south winds. The bottom of the sea is a good holding ground for your anchor.

LADIKO COVE (South Rhodes): A small shallow cove, protected from southwesterly to northeasterly winds. Your anchor will not hold well in the bottom of the sea everywhere in the cove.

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