Rhodes Emponas-Ascent to Atavros

The ascent of the highest mountain of Rhodes, Atavyros (1,215 m) is not an easy task. One hour and a half of ascent and equal time of descent require, at least, a good physical condition and the right equipment. It is necessary to carry with you water since you will not find any springs or wells at the route.

Starting from the centre of Embonas, you should take the road leading to the west exit towards Kritinia. You will pass by a tavern and you will find a dirt road on your left, which you will follow. A little further on the way up, the dirt road is replaced by a trail and intersects with another dirt road, at which road you turn right and immediately after that you turn left. After a 30’ walk from the starting point you will find a cabin on your right (the red signs marked along the trail will prevent you from getting lost). Passing through the rocks, after a 1 hour and 30’ walk in total you will reach the top of the mountain, where there is an antenna. Crossing the meadow, in another 5’ you will find the ruins of the ancient temple of Zeus of Atavyros that was built by the mythical Althemenes, grandson of Minos and founder of Kamiros.

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