Rhodes Ialyssos (Trianta)

Trianta is located at the edge of the homonymous bay, where the settlements of ancient Ialyssos lay –hence the name Ialyssos. The name Trianta, according to one version, derives from the word “andriantas” (statue). It is said that two old men buried a statue in this area in order to hide it from the Ottomans. According to another version, the place owes its name to the numeral 30, because in the Middle Ages here was the site of a large fertile piece of land, which was divided into 30 lots. At the square the women of the village have created a so-called “Traditional House”, where furniture, utensils and tools from the previous century are exhibited. The Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology private museum is also operating in the village. At the top of the hill Filerimos, high above Trianta village, two important monuments overhang: the acropolis of ancient Ialyssos and the medieval monastery of Kira tou Filerimou (Our Lady of Filerimos).

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