Rhodes Monastery of Panagia Skiadeni (Virgin Mary the “Shade casting”)

It is 5 km away from Messanagros. The hill is called Skiadi (“skiadi” = shady place). The monastery was founded around 1200, but the buildings that exist today date back to the 18th century, except for the chapel in the churchyard, which dates back to 1640. On the walls of the monastery of Panagia Skiadeni ancient marbles are embedded. Archaeologists believe that they come from a temple of Artemis, which pre-existed in that location. During the Lent period, the icon of Panagia Skiadeni is paraded in a procession that goes through all the villages of Rhodes. On 8th September there is a great feast in the monastery, where, besides the Rhodians, many people from Chalki also come flocking.

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