Rhodes Museum of Modern Greek Art

Rhodes - Museum of Modern Greek Art Rhodes - Museum of Modern Greek Art

It includes collections of paintings and engravings fully representing the 20th century Greek art and its distinguished artists, many sculptures, drawings and historical evidence.

The Museum comprises four buildings:

Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes. Founded in 1962, it features one of the most representative collections of Greek visual artists of the 20th century: Tsarouchis, Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Parthenis, Engonopoulos, Gaitis, Moralis, Theophilos, Kontoglou, Vassiliou, Tombros, etc.

Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-14:00, 2 Symi Square – Medieval City entrance, tel. number: +30 22410 23766 and +30 22410 36646).

Nestoridion Melathron. Apart from the main building of the Art Gallery, the Museum acquired a new multi-storey building in 2002, donated by Ioannis (1897-1978) and Paola Nestoridis (1914-2011). Here part of the permanent exhibitions has been transferred, so that the halls of the main building can more easily accommodate other exhibitions. (Visiting hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 09:00-14:00, G. Haritou – «One Hundred Palms» Square, tel. number: +30 22410 43780-82).

New Wing of the Nestoridion Melathron. It was founded in 2002 and part of the Art Gallery permanent exhibitions has been transferred here, including works of contemporary Greek visual artists. Educational programs aimed at pupils and students, as well as visual art events are carried out in the new wing premises. (Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-14:00, Ioanni and Paolas Nestoridi, tel. number: +30 22410 25780).

Centre of Modern Art – Palio Syssitio (Old Almshouse). It houses the collection of medieval maps and etchings of the Municipal Art Gallery. Periodic exhibitions of modern art are also hosted here. 179 Sokratous– Medieval City, tel. number: +30 22410 36646).


For more details and information you can visit the Museum’s website: http://www.mgamuseum.gr/index.php

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