Rhodes Palace of the Grand Master

Rhodes - Palace of the Grand Master Rhodes - Palace of the Grand Master

At the highest point of Ippoton Street (Knights street) the Palace of the Grand Master or Kastelo is located, as the Rhodians use to call it. Its gate with a heavy wooden door and two enormous towers is one of the most characteristic images of Rhodes. It was the residence of the Grand Master, who lived here along with his court and met with the heads of the “tongues”. Today the Palace serves as a museum. On the first floor there are exhibits mostly from the era of the Knights’ rule: furniture, chandeliers, carpets, vases, statues, armors, articles of virtu. A hall is dedicated to modern Knights of Saint John, presenting photographs of their charity work.

We also recommend that you take a look at the Laocoön Group, a copy of the original sculpture that is kept in the Vatican Museum as well as at the Roman mosaics on the floors. Most of them come from the nearby island of Kos, just like the statues that stand on the patio. The permanent exhibition entitled “Rhodes from the early Christian era until its occupation by the Turks (1522)” is housed in the ground floor halls. It includes findings from the excavations that were conducted in the Old Town (ceramics, sculptures, mural paintings, icons, works of miniature art, etc.).


Visiting hours: 1.4.2012 – 31.10.2012: 08:00-19:40, Tuesday to Sunday, Monday 09:00-16:00 (summer season) and 1.11.2012 – 31.3.2013: 08:30-15:00. It is closed on Monday.

Address: Ippoton Street, Medieval City

Tel. number: +30 22413 65270

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