Rhodes Prasonisi

Rhodes - Prasonisi

Prasonisi is the name of a verdant islet south of Rhodes, as well as of the beach that is located just across. In summer, Rhodes and Prasonisi are connected through a strip of sand about 500m long and it is possible to go from one island to the other on foot. The beach of Prasonisi is 8 km away from Kattavia and it is actually a huge strip of sand, surrounded by sea.

The strange thing is that the sea on the eastern side of the sand strip is always choppy, while at the same time on the west side it’s calm. What’s more, when in the rest of the Aegean the weather is calm, in Prasonisi it’s windy, whereas when in the rest of the Aegean the winds are blowing hard, here it is relatively calm. Thus, this beach has become a favorite for wind surfers.


The lighthouse in Prasonisi is worth a walk visit.

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