Rhodes Salakos

Rhodes - Salakos

A large village at the foot of the mountain Profitis Elias. Near the square there is a folklore museum operating as a representation of the traditional house of Salakos with the utensils and tools used by older people, while the ruins of a medieval castle that was destroyed in 1480 are found above the village.

According to the locals, there were a lot of springs around Salakos in earlier times. Now only three remain: Nymfi (the Nymph), Vrysi (the Tap) and Pigadia (the Wells). The most famous is Nymfi. In the past the spring offered plentiful water, which, while flowing, formed small lakes. The locals called them “kouloumpes” and bathed there. In the “kouloumpes” lived a small endemic silver tiddler, the gizani. The spring and the valley are the places where the butterfly of Rhodes, the Panaxia quadripunctaria, lives, while the Rhodian peony (Paeonia rhodia), an endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else, grows in the area.

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