Rhodes The castle of Monolithos

Rhodes - The castle of Monolithos

The castle of Monolithos is perhaps the most impressive castle of Rhodes and it is located on a 236 m high rock, overlooking the sea and Halki. It was built by Master d’ Aubusson in 1476 on the ruins of an older Byzantine fortification. Inside it there are two small churches, one next to the other. One of them is derelict and the other is restored –Hagios Panteleimonas (Saint Pantaleon), from the 15th century. The road goes as far as the foot of the rock and from there a path with steps leads up to the castle. Some people claim that the name Monolithos (standing stone and/ or monolith) has not been given due to the rock, on which the castle is built, but due to a black monolith with metaphysical powers that the Knights brought from the Holy Land. They even say that this monolith is still buried there and if anyone ever dares to dig it up, the whole island will sink!

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