Rineia extends over 14km2 and has a coastline length of 43km. It has many bays, coves and isolated sandy beaches which can be enjoyed by those who own a private yacht. -A strip of just 1km width separates Rineia from Delos. Between them there are two small rocky islets: Mikros Rematiaris, in the north, and Megalos Rematiaris southerner, on which the relics of a Hellenistic sanctuary and a three-aisled early-Christian basilica are preserved. -The elders still call it “Megali Delos” (Big Delos), while along with Delos they call them “Deles” (plural for Delos). -Northeast of the island there is the rocky islet of Kounelonisi with the country church of Agios Georgios. -Rineia has fertile terrain and the Mykonians always had cultivations and animals there. Even today they cultivate the so-called “partides” which they hire from the Municipality of Mykonos. -Along with Tragonisi and the rocky islet of Htapodia, they have been integrated as Special Protection Area, under the European network of protected areas Natura 2000.

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