Santorini Institute of Thera Petros Nomikos

Santorini - Institute of Thera Petros Nomikos

The idea of the establishment of an institute that would promote, not only in Greece but all over the world, the historic and cultural heritage of Thera and the Aegean Sea in general was conceived in 1969 when Petros M. Nomikos took over the Presidency of the Organising Committee of the 1st International Conference for Thera. At that year, the Thera Foundation was established in the USA and it was the forerunner of the Institute of Thera-Petros M. Nomikos that was founded in Greece in 1993. Funded by Petros M. Nomikos the Institute of Thera-Petros M. Nomikos was founded in 1993 in Athens.

Most of the events, which are organised with the aid and monitoring of the Institute of Thera, are taking place in the Convention Centre of Petros M. Nomikos that was set in a renovated neoclassical building of Fira always with the aid of the Nomikos family.

The exhibition of the Representations of the Wall Paintings of Thera, hosted in the venue of Santozeum, contains various impressive 3D photographic representations of the original size of the wall paintings in Akrotiri that were discovered after 1967.


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