Santorini Megaro Gyzi

Santorini - Megaro Gyzi

The Culutral Centre Megalo Gyzi in Fira is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1980 with the initiative and financial support of the Catholic Bishopship of Thera. It is hosted in a Renaissance villa of the 1700s. It focuses on projecting Santorini to its visitors through the development of the spiritual and cultural lifestyle of the island in this local society.

Among others you can see collections of genuine engravings, early historic Theraic scripts, works of art with topics referring to Santorini, old photographs and Santorini’s rocks.

Since its foundation and especially during the period of the tourist period, the Cultural Centre Megaro Gyzi organises painting galleries and exhibitions of works of art, live concerts, recitals, music nights, lectures, theatrical performances and photo galleries, to name but a few. Every August since 2007 (1-23/8) it hosts the Festival of Megaro Gyzi that includes concerts, galleries, theatrical performances etc. (there is no entrance fee).


Tel: +30 22860 23077

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