Santorini The settlement of Akrotiri

You can reach the village of Akrotiri by following a really nice route with an impressive view of the island and by crossing its end you will arrive at the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri that is well-known across the globe. Akrotiri’s Kasteli stands out from the top of the settlement and is surrounded by a complex of houses. It is considered to have been built during the first century of Venetocracy. It belongs to the category of fortified settlements and it is similar to the ones of Pyrgos and Emporio. It was also called ‘La Ponta’ and it was built around the old Goula. Since the spring period of 2012, Goula’s owner, who restored it, converted the castle into a laboratory and exhibition room of the traditional bagpipe. Read more in Info In Akrotiri you can visit the churches of the Holy Trinity, Ypapanti, Agiou Epifaniou and St Theodosia that is the protector of all castles (Kastelia). You can also find taverns, hotels and mini markets.

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