Serifos 1. Helipad-Chora

Historical paths

It was called “road of Plakes” and it was the one the miners followed in order to reach the western areas of the island and get to work. It was built in 1858, it is well-preserved and it constitutes one of the most beautiful paths of the island.

The starting point is located just before the helipad with a signpost to Agios Georgios (the path to the village of Panagia begins on the right as well).

You walk on infertile mountainous landscape with scattered “cells” and 10 minutes later you find the beautiful chapel of Ai-Giorgis and in its courtyard you can stop to rest. Continuing you will go downhill the nice, wide, cobblestone path which was rebuilt in 1960, enjoying a wonderful view. In 20 minutes you will arrive at Ano Chora.

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