Serifos 2. Kato Chora-Livadi

The path connecting Kato Chora to Livadi is popular mainly to the foreign visitors. The entrance to Kato Chora that you will find on the main road next to Kato water fountain leads easily to the path. As you pass through Varda district, you arrive at the church of Evagelistria. Continue straight following the signpost. The mansion with the big palm tree that you will find on your way houses the Folklore Museum and the chapel across is Agios Antonios. Further down and on the left you will see a Heroe’s Memorial. The beautiful building on the right with the tiles is the Elementary School. At the chapel of Stavros, the path is intersected with the asphalt road and it continues right across. Descending the well-preserved alley you will pass by Panagia Xekourastra, which calls for a stop. Until you reach the last chapel of Agios Isidoros (1670), you will be intersected with the asphalt road two more times and at that point the path ends. Continuing the route for 1.3 km, on the asphalt road, you will arrive at Livadi.

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