Serifos Chora of Serifos

Serifos - Chora of Serifos Serifos - Chora of Serifos

It is built on the top of a steep rock, with its cube-shaped houses like staircases –since the terrace of the one becomes the balcony of the other– going downhill its steep slopes. Contrary to other Choras of the Cyclades, it is oriented to the east. The ruins of the castle with its chapels dominate on the top. At the entrance of Ano Chora the windmills are traced, some of which are preserved in good condition. The period of Chora’s financial blooming ended with the shutdown of the mines and then many of the houses were deserted. Some years ago Greek and foreign visitors, charmed with the unique atmosphere of the settlement, bought abandoned buildings and restored them without changing their traditional character. Traditional cafés, ouzeri, restaurants, bars, shops, a bakery and mini markets operate throughout the summer, when Chora of Serifos comes alive and welcomes the visitors.

Ano Chora. It includes the oldest districts. The neoclassical building of the Town Hall (1904) and Agios Athanasios (1820) dominate in the central marble-paved square, Pano Piatsa. The interesting iconostasis of Agios Athanasios dates back to the 18th century and its architecture has many similarities with that of the monastery of Taxiarches.

Kato Chora. It is worth walking on the lower part of the village with the whitewashed alleys and the neat houses with their yards filled with bougainvillea. The small maze leads at times to enclosed courtyards and at other times it leads to parapets where someone can admire the infertile mountains around Chora and Livadi. The church of Evagelismos tis Theotokou (Evagelistria – Annunciation of Virgin Mary) with the square is the centre of the settlement. Its erection started in 1893 and it was completed in 1907.


On the right of the Town Hall’s square, following Perseas street and the signpost towards the castle, you will find the stairs that go downhill and meet the path towards Livadi. Go straight ahead and a few meters further down you will meet Lotzia which was the western gate of the fortified town.

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