Serifos Katikies, Iini, mitata, windmills, dovecotes

– The ‘katikies’ were built in the countryside of Serifos and all the types of habitation were based on this form. They are single-roomed, with a narrow facade and a low height, and they are in total harmony with the environment of the island. The walls have been made of raw stones and shale rocks without synthetic fillers and they are not plastered. In the interior there was a fireplace for cooking and in the background there was the bed that was elevated and supported by a big beam (‘peratis’).

The wine-cells and ‘lini’ were used for the wine production. They are higher and more spacious buildings, plastered and cool, so that the wine stored in them would not go bad.

‘Mitata’ were built near water springs due to the developed cattle-breeding in Serifos. They had a fireplace to make cheese, a stool to drain the cheese, a reed mat and stone benches. Today you can see ‘mitata’ by walking on the path Kentarhos-Chora.

North of Chora there were 8 mills which constituted the basic complex on the island. Their total number, though, must have been 20. They were stone-built and extended in three levels. Big mills with horizontal impeller rotation (‘tavlomiloi’) appeared in the early 20th century.

The dovecotes dating back to the 17th and 18th century are very few. Most of them are contemporary and established close to springs and cultivating areas.

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