Sifnos Customs and Festivals

Sifnos - Customs and Festivals Sifnos - Customs and Festivals

As in the other islands of the Cyclades, the festivals bring people together and express the religious sentiment. In the traditional festivals of Sifnos they offer “revithada” (chickpea soup) and braised meat with pasta, cooked in large cauldrons. During Lent they offer fried cod with garlic sauce and salad.

* The biggest festival in Sifnos is that of Panagia Chrysopigi, on Ascension day (May or June).

-June 13: Elisseos at the homonymous chapel below Ai Nilias.

-July 12: Taxiarchis at the homonymous church in Vathy and at Ai Silvestros (on the way to Herronisos).

-July 17: Agia Marina at the homonymous church in Flambouro.

-July 19: Profitis Ilias at Ai Nikolas Apsilos –at Profitis Ilias in Troulaki.

-July 26: Agios Panteleimonas at Ai Polykarpos in Herronisos.

-August 14 or 16: Virgin Mary, at Platanissa, Toso Nero and Panagia tou Iliou.

-August 28: Ai Giannis at Ai Giannis in Choni, Mavro Chorio, Siderou and the morning festival at Ai Giannis of Faros.

-August 31: Agios Symeon at the homonymous church and at Pantokratoras (on the way to Platis Gialos).

-September 5: Taxiarchis at the homonymous church in Vathy.

-September 6: Agios Sozon at Ai Sostis at the Mines.

-September 7: The Birth of Virgin Mary (Vrysiani) at Vrysiotissa.

-September 13: Holy Cross at Stavros of Faros and in Choni on the raod of Herronisos.

-September 15: Agios Nikitas at the homonymous church in Seladi.



– The three-day Cycladic Gastronomy Festival “Nikolaos Tselementes” is organized in Artemonas on the first 15 days of September, with participations of cooks, musicians and dancers from many Cycladic islands, with demonstrations of local recipes, cooking and confectionery competitions etc.

– On the last Sunday of the Carnival the Association organizes the Sifnian Carnival with the support of the Municipality of Sifnos, at the square of Artemonas or in Apollonia.

-At the night of Holy Friday there is an Epitaph procession in all the alleys of the central settlements.

-Revival of communication between the networks of the ancient towers and acropoles of Sifnos. The Sifnos Municipal Tourist Development Enterprise, in colaboration with the Cultural Association of Sifnos and the Municipality of Sifnos, revive the communication between the networks of the ancient towers-fryktories and the acropoles of the island on the eve of the Holy Spirit Day each year.

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