Sifnos Trails- General Information

Sifnos - Trails- General Information

The trails of the island create an excellent network of routes which extend over about 200km. They are stone-paved, or dirt roads, they connect the settlements with each other or serve the cattle breeders and the farmers, and they are used throughout the year. By walking, except for the nature of the island you will admire the manmade works as well, such as the monasteries and the churches or the country churches, wells, fountains, dovecotes, towers-fryktories, old mines, threshing floors, and the renowned stone walls.

-Magnificent routes are the ones connecting the seven basic settlements of the island –Apollonia, Ai Loukas, Ano Petali, Kato Petali, Katavati, Exambela.

-A very beautiful walk is from Kastro to Panagia Poulati, during which you may constantly overlook the sea.

-An uphill and short trail is the one leading from the ashpalt road to the acropolis of Agios Andreas.

-The western part of Sifnos has been intgrated in the European Network of Nature Protection Areas NATURA 2000 and it includes magnificent routes for the lovers of nature.

Routes of cultural interest

1: Artemonas (Ai Loukas) – Poulati – Kastro – Seralia – Vrysiotissa- Agios Andreas –Fyrogia.

2: Kastro – Kalamaki – Agios Ioannis of Sidero – Faros – Apokofto.

3: Apollonia – Kato Petali – Vrysiotissa – Agios Thomas – Platis Gialos.


4: Platis Gialos – Mousia – Fykiada – Kontou – Profitis Ilias of Kontou.

5: Katavati – Taxiarchis of Skafi with the possibility of:

(5a: Mavro Chorio – Agios Nikolaos T’ Aerina – Vathy or 5b: Panagia of Nigio – Kalamitsi – Vathy).

6: Apollonia – Theologos of Mongo –Agios Eleftherios with the possibility of: (6a: Mavri Spilia – Kamares or

6b: Panagia Toso Nero – Flambouro – Agia Marina – Taxiarchis of Skafi – Fyrogia).

7: Ano Petali – Panagia of Platanos – Agios Lazaros – Agios Symeon – Troullaki.

8: Artemonas – Agia Anna – Panagia of Magana – Agios Minas – (Agios Sostis) – Agios Nikitas – Diavrouchas – (Agios Filippos) – Cherronisos.

* You will find more data abou the trails of Sifnos at the site of the Municipality of Sifnos

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