Sikinos Alopronia

It is the first settlement of Sikinos that the visitor sees coming from the sea. Its development really started when it obtained a pier in order for the big ships to moor. The asphalted road of Sikinos starts from here, which reaches SW up until the Diocese through Chora and E until the beach of Agios Georgios.

In addition, the itineraries of the buses start from here along with the boats that carry the visitors to the beaches of Sikinos which cannot be accessed by land.

Many people etymologize the name of the settlement from the Homeric word “als” (=sea) and the provision (“pronia”) that is needed for someone who travels to it. During the Latin occupation it was also called Santa Bournia, due to the existence of a Roman Catholic church.


In Alopronia there is a supermarket, taverns, bars, guesthouses and rooms to let.

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