Sikinos Architecture

Sikinos - Architecture

Sikinos maintains the sight of the authentic Cycladic architecture pure. In the two districts of Chora, i.e. in Horio and in Kastro, the traditional building conditions combine the usability with the Aegean aesthetics.

Six small Byzantine churches that are preserved intact on the island indicate its significance during the Latin occupation. The subsequent churches of Chora and its numerous country churches (61) determine another period of blooming between the 17th and the 19th century as well as the traditional reverence of its residents.

The most impressive of them all is the building of the Diocese, a Roman mausoleum that was reconstructed into a Christian church.

Finally, in the island’s inland the toil of the Sikinians to exploit even the smallest part of the island is visible by constructing countless terraces, capable of withholding the scarce and valuable soil for their cultivations.

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