Sikinos Byzantine churches

Cyclades - Sikinos

Six Byzantine churches are preserved in Sikinos –not an insignificant number compared to the small size of the island. These are Agios Nikolaos in Rahes Katergou, Panagia of Sykia near Alopronia, Metamorfosi tou Sotiros (or Christos) near Chora, Agios Stefanos in Horio, the chapel of the Diocese dedicated to Agia Anna, and its nearby Agios Georgios. They are all small in size and they have the type of single-room vaulted church. Furthermore, they form semicircular arches and they preserve rare frescoes in sections in their interior. In fact, surviving inscriptions at Agios Nikolaos of Rahes Katergou and at Agios Georgios at the Diocese date their hagiographic décor since 1300 and 1351 respectively.

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