Sikinos Chora

Sikinos - Chora Sikinos - Chora

It is built on the edge of the big cliff which marks the northern side of the island in an altitude of about 300m. It is distributed in two districts, Kastro and Horio.

Kastro is the oldest district and it has fully white houses of over 100 years, a big square and the church of Pantanassa. Furthermore, it has picturesque taverns, few traditional cafés and even fewer groceries. You enter on its SW edge by the “side door”. Bougainvilleas, jasmines and vines bloom on the white-washed alleys.

The highest point of Kastro is located NW and it is determined by three windmills. One of them was operating until the 80s. A few steps above there is Pantochara, the church of poet Odysseas Elytis, and even further away on the distal edge there is the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (or Chrysopigi), between earth and sky.

Horio extends on the south of Kastro, on the other side of the asphalted road, which is the newest district. In the past it only had stables, barns and hovels. Those functional architectural elements that survived now emerge from the modern aesthetics. See the public school which was a donation of Andreas Sygros and the Folklore Museum which is housed in the old oil press. Finally, observe the paces in which life flows in these districts and listen to the selective affinity that happiness shares with frugality.

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