Sikinos Diocese

Cyclades - Sikinos

The impressive monastery complex consists of the Katholikon, the adjacent Byzantine chapel of Agia Anna and the ruined buildings of cells and ancillary rooms.

Here there is a weird building for a Christian church, a “victim” or sample of the overlap between civilizations and religions. It is about the Katholikon, the so-called church of the Diocese, dedicated to the Dormition of Virgin Mary. It got its current form on the post-Byzantine years (17th century), when the pre-existing monument with the underground arched crypts was turned into a Christian church obtaining a dome, trilobal bell tower and semicircular apse sanctuary.

The initial rectangular building of 10 x 7m in dimensions belongs to the widespread type of the Roman mausoleums which prevailed in the Mediterranean during the 2nd and the 3rd century AD.

In the past, European wanderers and antiquarians had faultily identified the Diocese with the ancient temple of Apollo Pythius.

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