Sikinos Pantocrator-Diocese-Agia Marina

Sikinos - Pantocrator-Diocese-Agia Marina

The country church of Pantocrator is located on the 2.4km of the asphalted road that begins from Chora to end up at the Diocese. The starting point of the path is here which leads to a bypass towards the country church of Agios Georgios after 10 minutes. With a steady course towards the Diocese you pass through fields ringfenced by stone walls, whereas old barns and the country church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary can be seen below towards the sea. Within 1 hour from the beginning you reach the Diocese. To continue you have to choose the trace of the path on the right of the building. En route you will pass by the ruined chapel of Agii Theodori, a sheepfold and the old lime-kilns of the island. After the current of Klossena which you gaze from above, you enter the last part of the route crossing the col that leads to the hill of Agia Marina with the indistinguishable ruins of the old settlement on its eastern slope and the single-room church on its peak.

Duration non-stop: 2 hours and 10 minutes.

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