Symi Horio (Ano Symi)

Going up from Kali Strata the visitors distinguish the first houses of Horio, built on the hill of Noulia and the attention is captured by the stone mills, remnants of the bloom in the island. Near the mills there is Pontikokastro, an ancient round building that was probably a prehistoric tomb offering a great view over Gialos.

In the biggest settlement of the island, Horio, the restorations of “halates”, meaning the old houses destroyed during the war, or by the abandonment, are quite a few. It has four districts: Syllogos, Vigli, Katarraktis and Lieni. The square of Syllogos is the epicenter of Horio where there is a playground, taverns, shops and cafés. Cultural events are organized here as well during the Festival of Symi. Nearby the house of Petinakis and the four-storeyed house of Chatziagapitos – Chatziioannos with the impressive living room stand out. In the neighboring house of Farmakidis the Archaeological-Folklore museum is housed.

Walking in the alleys you will notice the size of the settlement and you will find the squares of Alemina, with the historical café, and Ai Thanasis where the revelries of the sponge divers are organized.

Spetsaria shows a special interest, which is the old municipal pharmacy in a building of 1884, with the glass pots and the characteristic inscriptions.

Quite a few cobblestones lead to Kastro which is worth visiting.


The churches of Horio which stand out for the iconostases, the late Byzantine icons, and their gravel paved square are Panagia Haritomeni, Agia Triada (Trinity), Piraeotissa, Agios Athanasios, Agios Eleftherios, Stavros, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Nikolas, Agios Panteleimonas and Agios Georgios.

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