Symi The monastery of Taxiarchis Michael (Panormitis)

Symi - The monastery of Taxiarchis Michael (Panormitis)

According to manuscripts, the monastery exists since the 15th century and it was built in honor of Archangel Michael whose icon, covered in silver and gold, is considered miraculous. The size of the complex and the elegance of the bell-tower built in 1911 are impressive, as well as the stories about the icon and the Archangel: the one that everyone will tell you is that he is called a “thief” since unless they give him the votive offering, he always finds a way to get it…

Stopping at the stairs you will see the dominating bell-tower of 1911 up high. The big bell weighs 750 kilos. The last bell-maker of the island, Tasos Anastasiadis, was the creator of the bell along with the door. The current church was built in 1783. It is a big single-aisle basilica in which the ornate wooden iconostasis stands out. The two museums are located near the church.

The day ferries bring many visitors to Panormitis every day, while many people rent the cells of the monastery complex, help with the chores and spend their holidays. The dependency of Panormitis, i.e. Megalos Sotiris, is also impressive, in the type of a fort as well (on the way to Panormitis).

The monastery celebrates on November 8 and on Pentecost.

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