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Syros - Festivals/Customs Syros - Festivals/Customs Syros - Festivals/Customs

Many celebrations and festivals are organized in Syros, where Orthodox and Catholic Christians live harmoniously for centuries.

Easter in Syros

Whoever comes to Syros at Easter will live experiences that will remain unforgettable. Especially on Holy Friday night, it is worth joining the procession of the Epitaphs in the alleys of Ermoupoli with the mansions lighted up and the people on the balconies and joining the crowd at the Town Hall square where the epitaphs are gathered. The Epitaphs of the churches of Agios Nikolaos, Metamorfosis and Kimisis tis Theotokou have the procession in Ermoupoli and around 10.30 they meet at Miaouli square for the obsecration. At 8-9 o’ clock the epitaph of the Catholic church of Evangelistria in Ermoupoli precedes passing by Miaouli square where the obsecration is held.

At the Orthodox church of Anastasi (Resurrection), on Vrontado hill of Ermoupoli, the First Resurrection, in the morning of Holy Saturday, is accompanied by loud knocks of the pews.

On Holy Saturday night traditionally the church of Anastasi is the one with the most and most impressive fireworks and sparklers.

After the mass of the Resurrection, the Catholics carry out the procession of Jesus’s statue put in a gold open cabinet covered in violets, lemon blossoms and lilacs.

In Posidonia, Orthodox and Catholic Christians carry out the procession at the same time and the moment when they exchange wishes, the ships blow joyful sounds.

Cultural Events

In the summer, “Ermoupoleia” is organized in Ermoupoli, “Apanosyria” in Ano Syros, and the “festival honouring the music course of Markos Vamvakaris” in Kini and Galissas.


-The carnival of Ano Syros on Cheesefare Sunday stands out.

-In Posidonia, in July, the retraction of the trawl is performed with a traditional feast on the beach of Agathopes.

-In Vari, the “August Days” are organized on August 15 with the revival of old customs and occupations and the so-called Venetian night.

-On August 14 the revival of the “Fotarides’” custom takes place along with an insular night with live music on the beach of Kini.

-On the beach of Finikas on the third Friday of August the “Kakavia” event is held, with dances and songs.

-The traditional “Trygopati” (crushing of grapes) is organized at Kampi in Vari in September.



24/6 Revival of the custom of “Klidonas” –burning of May at the former Primary School of Faneromeni in Chroussa

30/6 Iera Kardia tou Iisou in Galissas (Catholic)


12/7 Agios Venedictos –Sa Michalis, Apano Meria (Catholic)

18/7 Agia Marina –Kini (Catholic)

18/7 Panagia tou Orous Karmilou –Galissas (Catholic)

20/7 Profitis Ilias –Piskopio (Catholic)


9/8 Agios Georgios –Kampos, Pano Meria (Catholic)

10/8 Agios Ioannis & Agios Lavrentios –Syringas, Pano Meria (Catholic)

15/8 Matastasi tis Theotokou –Galissas, Kini, Pagos, Piskopio, Chalandriani (Catholic)

17/8 Agios Mamas – Galissas (Orthodox)

20/8 Kardiani – Mytakas, Pano Meria (Catholic)


6/9 Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Panagia ton Kerion) – Parakopi (Catholic)

8/9 Gennisi tis Theotokou (Nativity of the Virgin Mary) – Chroussa, Pagos (Catholic)

8/9 Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Panagia Lotiani) – Lotos (Catholic)

8/9 Kioura – Skali – Ano Syros (Catholic)

11/9 Nativity of the Virgin Mary (Panagia Vouliani) – Voulias, Kini (Catholic)

14/9 Timios Stavros (Holy Cross) – Parakopi, Alithini, Talanta (Catholic)

24/9 Panagia Faneromeni – Chroussa (Catholic)


1/10 Agii Kosmas & Damianos – Agii Anargyri, Pano Meria (Catholic)

2/10 Agia Thiresia – Kyperoussa, Pano Meria (Catholic)

4/10 Sa Michalis – Pano Meria (Catholic)

8/10 Agia Thiresia – Danakos (Catholic)

Cultural Associations

In Ermoupoli there is Syros Lyceum Club of Greek Women, Syros Music Association, Syros Theatre-Cultural Association “Souris”, Syros Cultural Association of the State Employees-Theatre Group “Bastias”. You will find detailed information on the site

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