Syros Other churches

The metropolis of Syros is the church of Metamorfosis (Transfiguration), the oldest one in Ermoupoli (1824) which has quite a few houses of the 19th century surrounding it. The church of Anastasi (Resurrection) on the hilltop of Dili was completed in 1909. It has a cruciform floor plan with a dome. In the interior it is divided in three aisles by a series of arches and pillars, it has quite a few Neoclassical elements and a throne. The numerous portable icons of the 19th century stand out. The church of Evangelistria. The parish church of the Catholics was built in 1829 at the position of an older church. It is a three-aisle basilica and the formation of the façade follows Italian standards. In the interior, two series of arches with marble columns define the three aisles.

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