Telendos Trekking and climping

Walking routes in Telendos are very interesting, while near Agios Konstantinos there is also a field for rock climbing frequently visited by the lovers of the sport. The beach of Chochlakas is only 5-10 minutes away and to reach the ancient theatre, Ai Giorgis and tholaria, you will need another 10-15 minutes.

A quite interesting suggestion for walking is a visit to the old chapel and the abandoned castle of Agios Konstantinos. Starting from the harbor, follow the accessible path to the north alongside by the sea. There are signs to the monastery and it takes about 1 hour trekking to get there from the harbor. If you think it is too long, you can hire a boat that will take you from the small harbor to right under the monastery. Then, you will need only 20 minutes walking to get to the path leading to the monastery.

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