Tilos Environment interpretation route

It begins from the main road of the island –from the level of the heliport- following a NE direction, with a total length of 2.5 km. It was the old path which ended to a military watchtower built by the Italians on the peak of Ai Lias.
Throughout its length it is bounded by stones occasionally colored, by normal signs, and by signs/stands with info material about the natural environment. It is considered of moderate difficulty and you will need sturdy shoes, a water bottle and a hat.

Its first part, 700 m long, begins immediately after the car park and has a smooth gradient. Then walking to the western side of the hill you will find yourself in locations where it is worth observing the local flora as well as many protected bird species.

The last 800 m of the route are the most difficult in terms of steep slopes. First they go through a freshwater spring and reach a small shelter, sufficient to spend an evening if you have a sleeping bag with you.
From the summit of Ai Lias, the view will be spectacular.
Duration of the non-stop round-trip: 2 hours.

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