Tinos By Boat

The coastline of Tinos is possibly one of the simplest and easiest for sailboats, without dangers or surprises. Sailing around the beautiful Cycladic island, you will enjoy unique images: the rare geological formations, the cliffs with their unusual colors, shaped by the wind and the salt of the sea, the terraced slopes, the ravines, the caves, and of course the beautiful beaches of the island, most of which are also accessible by paved road or dirt road.

-The harbour of Tinos town (VHF: channel 12) is artificial. In the middle there is the old dock, also with a red light, and inside it, there are places for passenger ships, cruise ships, and pleasure boats to anchor. Fishing boats tie up in front of the port authority and there is a gangway there. The eastern section of the harbour is safe under all weather conditions. There are no shallow or dangerous points. The minimum depth is approximately 2 meters.

Ferry boats dock at the new harbour of the town.

–Panormos is the only organized anchorage on the northern – and less easily accessible – coast of Tinos. The deep harbour faces the east. The level of safety that it offers is good with all weather conditions except for an east wind.

-Other anchorages: Kolymbithra, which offers good protection from the northwest wind and has a sandy seafloor, and Agios Fokas to the east of the harbor of Tinos town.

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