Tinos Kalloni – Karkados

The old name of Kalloni was Kellia, which it obtained from the monks who lived in the area. It is a large village, with many modern changes to its architecture. The Catholic church of Agios Zacharias (1832) with the cobblestone court stands out at the centre, and opposite it there is a spring from the year 1857, with a skillfully crafted base in relief. Almost unified with Kalloni is Karkados, built on a stream surrounded by vegetation. It has become a point of reference because of the angled belltower of the church of Sotiras that resembles the … leaning tower of Pisa. Very close to those villages, you will find Komi and the beaches known as Kolimvithres (Megali Kolimvithra and Mikri Kolimvithra).

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