Tinos Ktikado

The Catholic and the Orthodox churches of Ktikado compete with each other in beauty. The former, the church of Stavros, celebrates its feast day on September 14. Its artfully built bell tower dates back to 1621. The Orthodox church of Ypapanti (“Megalomata”, as it is called, because it has “large eyes and sees you wherever you go”) stands out for the magnificent marble entrance and the exceptional view from its courtyard. It celebrates its feast on February 2.

The central cobblestone street after the church of Megalomata ends at the edge of the village, from which the well-built path that leads to Tinos town starts.

The settlement was founded in the year 1715, when the Cretans arrived here bringing the icon of the Virgin Megalomata, a work from the 16th-17th century. On the second day after Easter, the church celebrates the feast of Love, a custom that survived from the early Christian era.

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